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Komatsu Old Macine Parts Nov 2015.xlsx

Machine TypePARTS
H255S89188040HYD CYL-BOOM H255S320241
H255S43090040HYD CYL-STICK H255S118201
H255S43073540HYD CYL-BOOM H255S97391
H455S43064540HYD CYL-STICK H455S (FS)152001
H455S43067040HYD CYL-BOOM H455S (FS)128411
H455S91584540HYD CYL-CLAM H455S (FS)201831
H655S43063040HYD CYL-BOOM H655S195321
H655S90452540HYD CYL-CLAM H655S156092
H655S43064040HYD CYL-STICK H655S110893
H655S90279540HYD CYL-STICK H655S258581
PC1000-121N-63-02011HYD CYL-BOOM170021
PC1000-1708-27-01083HYD PUMP88951
PC1000SP-16162-73-2370FUEL INJ PUMP GOVERNED71911
PC1100SP-621N-26-00051SWING MACHINERY PC1100175242
PC1100SP-621N-27-00110FINAL DRIVE ASSY PC1100114883
PC1100SP-621N-38-00031POWER TAKE-OFF PC1100S99911
PC1100SP-66553-00-2351FUEL INJ PUMP235432
PC1600-121T-38-00074POWER TAKE-OFF97761
PC1600-16212-71-1424FUEL INJ PUMP98454
PC1600-1708-25-03011HYD PUMP 199434
PC1600-1, PC1600SP-1708-17-01013HYD PUMP 77971
PC1600-1, PC1600SP-1708-25-02051HYD PUMP 294976
PC1600SP-121T-26-00021SWING MACHINERY184943
PC1600SP-16212-72-1430FUEL INJ PUMP81013
WA600-1426-15-00011TRANSMISSION WA600-1162321
WA600-1426-22-11002DIFFERENTIAL ASSY FRNT106741
WA600-1426-15-00011TRANSMISSION WA600-1162321
WA600-1426-22-11002DIFFERENTIAL ASSY FRNT106741
WA600-1426-23-11002DIFFERENTIAL ASSY REAR166661
WA600-1, WA800-1, WA700-3600-821-9551ALTERNATOR-CHARGING 75269852
WA700-1428-14-00011TRANSMISSION WA700-1170471
WA900-16215-71-1430FUEL INJ PUMP LH WA900260971
WA900-1705-58-43040TRANSMISSION PUMP WA8073441
WD600-16162-73-2242FUEL INJ PUMP110472
PC1800-621T-26-00100SWING MACHINERY PC1800365672
PC1800-621T-27-00113FINAL DRIVE RH PC1800-216171
PC1800-621T-63-02311HYD CYL-BOOM311702
PC1800-621T-63-02330HYD CYL-STICK PC1800-6214014
PC1800-621T-63-02350HYD CYL-BUCKET224243
PC1800-6621E-D0-0060ENGINE FRNT PC1800-6266851
PC1800-6621E-E0-0060ENGINE REAR PC1800-6266861
PC1800-6708-1H-00320HYD PUMP-SWING PC1800-298455
PC1800-6708-2L-00550HYD PUMP 2 PC1800-658483
PC1800-6708-2L-00810HYD PUMP298445
PC1800-6, HD325-6, HD325-7, WA600-813-9322STARTER MOTOR-ELECTRIC292091
PC1800-6, HD325-6, PC800-7, PC6218-71-1111FUEL INJ PUMP PC1800-6353483
PC1800-6, PC1600-121T-27-00103FINAL DRIVE LH PC1800-203662
PC1800-6, PC1600-1705-51-31060HYD PUMP-PILOT CONTROL314463
PC1800-6, PC1600-1706-77-01041HYD MOTOR-TRAVEL PC180261636
PC1800-6F6218-C0-0240ENGINE FRNT PC1800-6310221
PC1800-6R6218-D0-0240ENGINE REAR PC1800-6322851
PC1800-6F6218-C0-0240ENGINE FRNT PC1800-6310223
PC1800-6R6218-D0-0240ENGINE REAR PC1800-6322854

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